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Carmel Sports Club offers 5 fun birthday party packages. Each package includes the following:

  • 15 kids + birthday child

  • Dedicated party host and staff

  • All paper goods

  • Pizza (1 slice/child)

  • Water will be served

  • Pretzels for the table

  • Balloon centerpiece

  • Last 30 minutes in the private party room for pizza & cake (cake not provided)

Sport activities include Basketball, Dodgeball, Wiffleball, Kickball, Flag Football, Capture the Flag, Running Bases,  Relay Races/Tug of War, Kiddies Games, and Parachute.

More details below...


Super Sports

1.5 hours, Ages 5+

The Super Sport party starts out with an hour of your child’s chosen sport activities organized by our staff and followed by a half hour in the party room. Inflatables are NOT included.


Ultimate Sports Package

2 hours, Ages 5+

The ultimate sports private birthday party starts out with a half hour of free play on our inflatables. Then an hour of your child’s chosen sports activity on the turf, followed by a half an hour in the party room.


Gaga Ball Pit Package

2 hours, Ages 6+

Gaga is a fast paced, high energy sport played in a 24 foot octagon pit. Dubbed a kinder, gentler version of dodgeball. Party consists of 1.5 hours of gaga, plus one additional activity, followed by half hour in party room.


Inflatable Package

1 ½ hour (Ages 2+) Inflatables only

The Inflatable party includes 3 inflatables: Bouncy Castle, Bouncy Castle combo with mini hoop and slide, and 20’ double lane slide to keep the youngest to oldest kids entertained.


Nerf Gun Package

1.5 hours, Ages 8+

Your group will enjoy an exhilarating party that includes Nerf blasters, bunkers/arena set up, skills and equipment training, and a massive amount of ammunition to satisfy even the most trigger-happy players. A variety of came options, they capture the flag, last man standing, and protect the president, the fun never ends.


Color Wars Package

2 hours, Ages 8+

Color War are where teams are formed and lines are drawn for some fierce and friendly competition. This package includes 23 kids + birthday child (24 kids total). 7 Sports activities. Sports options are soccer, tug of war, dodgeball, kickball, relay races, wiffleball, capture the flag, basketball (if available).


additional 1/2 hour (party time)..... $75

1/2 hour (2) inflatables..... $75

Extra child..... $20

Extra Pizza..... $18.50

GAGA..... $75
Popcorn Machine..... $75

*Gratuities are welcome, thank you.

*Non-Refundable Security deposit .  Credit applied to account and may be used toward any future programs.

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